Lets get pregnant


A few of my favourite things people used to tell me when i was trying to fall pregnant;

“you must Eat avocado”

my Mind replies…. “yes i cannot fall pregnant because i don’t eat enough avo, well done on solving all of the worlds fertility problems you genius.”  My mouth replies, “will give it a try, thanks”

or “You just need to stop thinking about it and it will happen”

Mind Replies  “Really? you really just said that. wow. I wonder if id go to jail for punching you in the face, surely i could argue that i had a damn good reason… but i just smile and say “Yes, we are not thinking about it any more and hoping for the best”

“The universe will give you a baby when the time is right”

Mind “thanks Nostradamus”.  Mouth, “…” *slight upward turn of corners of mouth resembling a smile*

I could go on but lets rather get to the point; Lets get pregnant!

We face so many challenges in our daily lives that we don’t even know about, its quite scary actually,

from the creams we put on our bodies, to the plastic we eat and drink out of, to the food we consume, to the radiation we are exposed to from cell phones… its like the world is trying to kill us, oh wait… we created all these things so we are actually killing ourselves. These are a few of the things that affect fertility in a massive way!

Lets kick start our road to fertility with

Do all of this for 90 days (the of time it takes for the cycle of one of your eggs from start to finish when it drops ready for conception) and, like me, you will increase your chances for pregnancy.

Go to the 2 week wait page and follow the instructions,  and lets see if you get a positive result!

Otherwise if you are doing IVF, if you do it after 90 days of following this protocol, your chances should be greatly improved (unless you have male infertility).

Good Luck!

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