21 Day Fertility Challenge

This really is the best way to ‘kick start’ your body into baby-making gear!

I discovered this from This fertility diet Site, its simple and brilliant!

So what is basically is;

The challenge is for 21 days you add these 5 things to your current diet (if you feel like you can actually squeeze all this as well as what you’d normally eat) EVERY SINGLE DAY.

1. Drink 1 Huge glass of Lemon water first thing in the morning. This is a squeeze of fresh lemon, not any lemon cordials and other junk

2. Drink 1 fertility smoothie every day. The fertility smoothie should contain at least one fertility superfood (maca, spirulina, FertiliGreens, royal jelly, etc.) Loving my Nutribullet for this!

3. Eat one big green salad per day. Pretty straight forward

4. Eat one dark leafy vegetable every day. Swiss chard, kale, spinach, etc.

5. Drink one green juice every day.  If I ran out of stuff to juice i’d just take either Green Vibrance powder sachets (which are pretty expensive) or just 5 of the wellness warehouse super green foods tablets.


Download this PDF for your fridge to keep you going!  21 Day Fertility Challenge


This also counts towards your 90 Days to egg health if you decide to do them at the same time!  Good Luck!

Lets get you pregnant!