Who said breastfeeding was easy?

My baby girl is 6 months old now, but I have very feint memories of sitting in my feeding chair for 8 hours straight, feeding her every hour and just letting her sleep there because i knew i would need to feed her again in an hour and if i just closed my eyes for a bit i could catch a few winks while she was between feeds…

Showering was a distant memory, my husband and i would high five in the passage every now and then, some days i would catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and wonder if maybe she was crying because of this horrific monster that fed her.

I’d just like to know who started all the nonsense of
“it will just come naturally” or “breastfeeding is so rewarding” or “breastfeeding is such a bonding experience”… those are stupid things that complete over achievers say and are definitely the minority. Everyone else that I know – the soldiers of the world and real Heros – battle with breastfeeding, so please dont feel alone. Next time a mom says “arent you loving breastfeeding” just know this – shes probably secretly hoping you say no so she doesnt feel like a complete failure because society has made any one that doesn’t have an amazon-like flow of milk feel inadequate!

Any ways what i’m really getting at is this; if you’re one of the ones that it really does come easily to, well done. Now go away because you really dont need to be reading any of this. To the rest of you, I think that this is one of the hardest things a woman can do, not based solely on the latching problems or cracked nipples or low supply or nipple confusion (and this can go on and on) but because you really do feel like a failure, its the one thing in life that you have been given to do and you dont feel like you can do it. When your milk does come in, the emotions that come with it are indescribable, you cry. and cry. and cry, and really for absolutely nothing. But dont worry please, it will pass and that is what go me through his tough time, you just have to remember that whatever you are going through – IT WILL PASS.

I said i wanted to do 12 weeks of breastfeeding, I managed to do 10 weeks and in the process i nearly starved my baby, exhausted myself, lost all my friends and chased my husband away – Nearly!

So give yourself the best possible shot at it and if you manage to do 5 days, then well done, thats better than none and you’ve got that far. Take each day as it comes and dont put yourself under pressure. You are a hero for getting so far! Good Job ūüôā

What i really can recommend is getting a lactation consultant come in to help you, this really doesn’t come naturally so just get someone to come and help you. ¬†The earlier the better, as a matter of fact, Im going to book to see one the day my next child is born, get it right straight away! ¬†If youd like to know who i used please just leave a comment and I will contact you with pleasure.

There is also something your OB Gyn can subscribe which in South Africa is called Eglonyl, if you are from other places in the world, the drug is called¬†Sulpiride;¬†it¬†is an atypical antipsychotic drug of the benzamide class used mainly in the treatment of psychosis associated with schizophrenia and major depressive disorder, and sometimes used in low dosage to treat anxiety and mild depression.¬†They discovered that it also helps you to produce copious amounts of milk and doesn’t¬†get transferred to your baby in any way. ¬†Basically it takes away your emotional roller coaster and gives you tons of milk… DEFINATELY taking this with my next baby! ¬†Usually i am very pro Natural Everything but i tried that and it just didn’t work for me, I took prolactin (prolak), massaged my boobs, hell i was basically milking myself while my baby was drinking but it really didn’t help me, but try it, it may help you!

Then IF ALL ELSE FAILS and you must use formula, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, use organic formula with no GMO’S and other crap in there, if you can ‘supersize’ your formula even better! I will post a recipe for this at a later stage, but in the mean time do yourself a favour and buy a book called Supernutrition for babies.

Good Luck Mommas!


Hi Cyberspace

So this is officially it then, my first blog and already at a loss for words and where to even start!

Ok let me go right to the beginning; My name is Juls, I was born in Johannesburg in South Africa. ¬†I have a tendency to totally over research everything and that is basically how I’ve come to this day, writing this page.

I have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and I am Hypothyroid, both of which should make me fat but i am the skinny version of these ‘diseases’. ¬†I actually only discovered I even had them once I started to try and fall pregnant; we eventually (after about a year and a half of trying rounds of timed cycles, clomid, metformin and laying with my legs up the wall) went to an IVF clinic, had the hubs tested and his sperm were super heroes.

I, on the other hand, had the infamous string of pearls.  Along with hypothyroidism, which to my delight meant having to take a pill every day for the rest of my life, yay.

So long story short, we did 3¬†IVF’s, (one from frozen) my eggs produced were bad quality and very few, the first IVF worked, yaaaay! at the 8 week scan was diagnosed as¬†a blighted ovum, aaaaaah! had to go for a DNC the next day, not a good day in the history of days. ¬†Second IVF, after the 2 week wait (which feels more like 2 months) got an HCG reading of 29 which is considered not pregnant, so my eggs tried real hard but it didnt work. ¬†Third IVF was from frozen and after the two week wait, no HCG at all, didnt work.

After this i did what i do best, RESEARCH!  I put together all the wonderful plans and ideas from all corners of the web and decided to give this a go naturally and on my own (well me and the hubs). I was so strict and followed my protocol to give it the best shot I could and then it happened, 4 months later I fell pregnant!

I successfully gave birth to a healthy baby girl 9 months later, my little Valentina.

So that brings me back to this page and writing my very first blog. ¬†I want to make sure that all the information that i gathered¬†was¬†crammed into an easier to use version that is suitable for anyone that is struggling with female ‘infertility’ to give a bash and to hear your stories of how it goes along the way.

So lets get you pregnant!